The Skate Boarding Competitions and Upcoming Events – 2015

Skateboarder On a Skate RampSkateboarding is a fun-thrilled and challenging recreational activity and a competitive sport as well. There is every good reason to believe why the skateboarding popularity has soared in the last few decades with offshoots like long boarding and mountain-boarding becoming more common.

Getting Involved

It is easy to lose balance and get hurt when riding a skateboard. However, more than half of the skateboard injuries happen to those under the age of 15. Experienced skaters get hurt too though experience comes to their aid.

Things you need to get started

To start skateboarding, whether for fun or competitive purposes, you need the following items.

  • Skateboard
  • Helmet
  • Shoes
  • Pads and wrist guards
  • Skate gloves, padded jacket and shorts

Where to ride

Saltando com skateTo avoid getting skateboarding-related injuries, you should practice skating at set places. Always wear protective gear and helmet with knee and elbow pads properly fixed. Skating should be practiced at;

  • Skate parks
  • Empty pools
  • Trails

Getting Into Competitions

  1. Competition events are open to individuals and professional members of various skating association.
  2. Competitors are required to compete to their highest possible levels and be acquainted with the charts.
  3. Skaters are required to compete at their real ability levels and uphold all the ethical standards set.

The Most Common Competitions

  1. Big Air – In the selection section, nine skaters take four jumps each and their objective is to earn one of the three top spots in the final, where they will be competing with the best three competitors of the previous year’s competition.
  1. Street Men’s – The selection section for street men’s takes in 19 skaters. Among these 19, only nine will be allowed to participate in the finals, while the other ten will be eliminated.
  1. Street Women’s – Follows the same format as the men’s competition.Skateboarder girl
  1. Vert Men’s – Here, the total number of skaters is ten where each is given three different 45 seconds runs to determine the best three.
  1. Vert Women’s – Follows the same rules as Vert Men’s

The 2015 X Games Skateboard BigĀ Air

The just completed 2015 X Games Skateboard Big Air Finals were held at Austin Texas on August 19, 2015. The events started at various US Cities beginning on June 2015. The big names in the world of skateboard pushed themselves to their limit to entice their fans. Returning X Games Skateboard Big Air medalist Bob Burnquist, Tom Schaar and Eliot Sloan were all hungry for success.

In this event, the overall rank of these big names skaters were as follows;

  1. Bob Burnquist – Gold Medal
  2. Eliot Sloan – Bronze Medal
  3. Tom Schaar – Silver Medal
  4. Rony Gomes
  5. Jono Schwan

Big Upcoming Competitions – 2015

  • WHEN – August 28, 2015
  • WHERE – Lincoln City Skatepark, Lincoln City – OR
  • REGISTRATION – Pros are required to pay $50 while all others are supposed to pat $20. For registration, emails should be sent to
  • DESCRIPTION – Dreamland Skateparks and the World Cup Skateboarding take the pleasure to announce the Lincoln City’s Bowl Bash that will be held on the Friday, August 28, 2015, to celebrate 16 years since Mark Scott and his crew of Dreamland Skaters built the skatepark.
  • WHEN – October 23-24, 2015
  • WHERE – Palm Springs Skate Park, 405 S Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • ENTRY FEE- $50
  • DESCRIPTION – This event will be the final contest for the top amateurs who have completed the WCS amateur competition. This contest will wrap up the season with final competitions to determine the top WCS ranked amateurs from each calendar year.

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