Skateboarding Tricks and Tips and How to Perform Them

Skate RadicalA time comes when you feel comfortable enough to ride and tow your skateboard. This is the time you are ready for the first trick. Many people try to work on the same tricks as they roll their skateboards. Working on the same trick time and again for too long can ruin your skate session making you be either frustrated or get bored.

Rolling is what makes other tricks fun. Doing your tricks with speed will step up your game. You should not rush to more advanced skills until you have a solid balance towing your board. We are going to explore the best trick you should try as a skateboarder as these tricks will lead to the subsequent invention of your other tricks.



There are two ways to stand on the board. These are the regular stance (the left foot is in front, the right foot is on the tail of the board) and the goofy stance (The right foot is in front while the left foot is on the tail of the board).


Foot Positions alternate from Normal, Fakie, Nollie to switch. The feet can be kept regular or goofy on the stands of the decks. When you start skateboarding, the first thing you should learn is riding, the turning and keeping balance. Pushing is the most frequently used way of riding. You should leave your front foot on the board and use your back to gain speed.

Turning and Tic-TacsSkateboarder On a Skate Ramp

Changing direction while riding involves leaning to either side of the board and going in that direction. You will experience an easy and faster turning if your trucks are loose. The second way to turn is performing the kick turn. This is done by pushing the tail with the back foot and swinging the board in the direction you want to turn at. The tic tacs are a sequence of small kick turns done on alternating sides.


When it comes to stopping, there are a couple of ways to do it. These include;

  • Jumping off the board
  • Placing on foot on the ground and dragging it a little over the floor
  • Tail stopping- Involves leaning back and bending your front legs so that the tail scraps over the floor.
  • Power slides – This is the coolest way of stopping. It can be done either frontside or back side.

For better understanding and organization, we are going to explore the tricks under the following categories.

  1. Flatland Tricks
  1. Flip Tricks
  1. Slide Tricks
  1. Grind Tricks


These tricks include;

  • Big spin
  • Ollie
  • Pop Shove
  • Hippy Jump
  • Nollie
  • Half cab.

Notable of these tricks are;

Big spin

  • In this trick, you start riding with the front foot on the front bolt and the back foot on the side of the toe of the tail.
  • The board is shoved hard by use of the back foot and at the same time jumping in the same direction with the board.
  • You let the board spin on air and catch it before you complete rotation on hand.

The Ollie

  • Here, you start with the feet positioned a wide apart.
  • You then crouch down for the jump
  • You then jump using the back foot snapping the tail down hard and fast
  • You then move the front foot towards the nose of the board at the same time raising the back foot.
  • Try to stay level in order to land with the four wheels at the same time.


Under this category, the tricks include;

  • 360 Flip
  • Alpha Flip
  • Double Kickflip
  • Heel Flip
  • Forward Flip
  • Fakie Flip

Notable of these tricks is the forward flip

Forward Flip

  • This trick is quite suitable for beginners.
  • Ride with high speed to clear any obstacles. Put the feet on the bolts.
  • When nearing an obstacle, crouch down a little and jump over it.
  • Land with the feet on the bolts while bending the legs to absorb the impact.


There are three tricks here. These are;

  • Boardslide
  • Darkslide
  • Noseslide

The Boardslide

This is basically the easiest slide trick. You slide over a rail or curb using the middle of the board.

  • Approach a rail at an angle of 20 degrees, with the back facing it. The speed is based on the surface and the length of the obstacle.
  • When close to the rail, Ollie 90 degrees into the rail
  • Be fast enough to slide over the rails.


These tricks involve sliding the skateboard trucks over a rail. They include;

  • BS Crooked
  • FS 50-50
  • FS Smith
  • FS 50-50

This is a basic grind where you slide on the rail with both trunks.

  • You approach the rail at a 20-degree angle at an Ollie position.
  • When close enough, you Ollie onto the rail using both trunks.
  • When fast enough, you will grind over the rail.
  • When nearing the end, you lift the nose a little bit and ride off.

If you aim at the middle of the rail, you will make longer grinds.

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