The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself Book Review

The Mutt available on Amazon
The Mutt available on Amazon

The book – The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself is written by the authors Rodney Mullen and Sean Mortimer. It is a 288-page book published by HarperCollins, 2005. Sean Mortimer is a contributor to this book.

About Rodney Mullen

Rodney is a former freestyle works champion who has the best contest record in professional skating. He is solely credited for laying the foundations for street skating, an act that landed him to be voted the 2002 skater of the year. Mullen is a world champion freestyle skateboarder. He is the man who brought the Ollie, a trick that revolutionized the skating sport by taking it from the ground to air. Many of the intricate maneuvers and tricks he invented went on to be learned on the Vert by the future generations. He is a pioneer who expressed the dynamics of skateboarding.

Mullen lives in Los Angeles with his wife Sean Mortimer.


The Mutt – How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself is an inspirational book for everyone. The book does not mean skateboarding to avoid injuries, but it is rather a reflective book that gives great insights into the personal issues of the writer. The style of writing is basic and functional and the sentences are short and to the point. The book tells the skateboarding stories and life experiences of the writers and it is an inspirational guide to get you started.

The Plot

Man rides his skateboard followed by his dogThis book follows a standard play-by-play autobiography where Mutt cuts an eccentric and striking figure. People who are inspired by Mullen, his youth life and the transitions he has passed through will find this book very helpful. Mullen’s treatment of his lifestyle and anxiety is the most important feature to follow from his side of story.]

Mullen started skating two years before the great Hawk. He was a perfectionist in freestyle skateboarding. He used small rectangular boards to perform rapid fire-tricks for the judges. He was intelligent and a painfully shy kid who took skating as a personal escapism. He practiced skating with an autistic degree of focus, to reach legendary levels.

The Good

The book illustrates a kid (Mullen) a bit shy but very cute, smart and disciplined. His family love him and wish he was more masculine and less introverted. His dad is supportive, but as soon as Mullen starts achieving real success, his dad ban him from the sport due to time wastage. Due to the fear of the father’s wrath, he stops doing what he likes and sinks into a depression mood. Eventually, his father grudgingly concedes with his wife’s persuasion and lets the kid do what he loves most – This is quite inspirational.

The Bad

The problem with this particular book is that Mullen is not as skillful with his pen as he is with his skateboard. However, this is covered by his co-author who adds creativity to the book.

Reader Reviews

Reviewers express how the book is excellent, written around the story of the most influential skaters of all time. The book reveal Rodney Mullen’s life in skateboarding from where he started his professional career up to the date of writing. The book is phenomenal and truly inspiring, a blessing to walk step by step of life by a professional sportsman.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photos that depict his life and the tricks he was pulling.

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