Flatland Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

longboarder Flatland skateboarding focuses of particular tricks that are performed on a flat ground. There are many flatland skateboarding tricks that can be performed with the use of a skateboard. Some of these tricks are easy for some skateboarders while others may find them hard to do. You need to wear a protective helmet and pads to avoid sustaining serious injuries such as head trauma and broken bones. Below is a descriptive guide to the best four flatland tricks, their video description and how to perform them. These tricks are;

  1. Body Varial Trick

Body Varial is an essential trick where you jump 180 degrees while the board doesn’t rotate. Body Varial is a good maneuver for beginners and can be performed in combination with other skills.


– With your feet above the bolts, start riding at a comfortable speed. Do not put your back foot on the tail.

– Slightly bend your legs and wind up your arms in preparation for a jump.

– Jump 180 degrees either front side or backside

– Make a smooth landing with your feet on the bolts

Performing higher jumps look cool, but it is always advisable to start low. Try not to push the skateboard away too much.

  1. BS 180 Ollie Trick

The BS 180 Ollie trick is one of the fundamental maneuvers that anyone can learn with ease. To effectively perform this trick, you need to guide the board with your front foot. You should turn at the same speed of your board so as not to lose the board in the air.


– Start riding with the back foot on the toeside of the tail

– Crouch down a little bit and turn your shoulders to the opposite direction of the jump.

– Slam the back foot down on the toeside of the tail as doing this will automatically make the board rotate 180 degrees.

– Jump and swing the arms to make 180 degrees rotation

– Complete the rotation and make a smooth landing.

  1. Nollie Trick

A nollie/nose Ollie is similar to the Ollie trick, only that you pop it with the front foot stepping on the nose of the skateboard.


– Start riding in a nollie position with the front foot on the nose of the board and the back foot on the back bolts.

– Crouch down a little bit in preparation for a jump. You need to keep the shoulders in line with the board.

– Slam your front foot down on the nose to pop up the board and make a jump

– Drag the back foot towards the tail to level the board and raise your front foot to give the board room to get into level position.

– Make a smooth landing with both feet on the bolts.

  1. Hippy Jump Trick

The hippy jump is a trick where you jump over an obstacle while your board goes under it. This trick is suited for beginners while advanced skateboarders can combine it with a flip trick or other tricks.


– Ride with comfortable enough speed to clear the obstacle. Put your feet on the bolts. Do not put the back foot on the tail unless you are combining with another trick.

– When you are nearing the obstacle, crouch down a little bit and jump over it.

– Land with your feet firmly on the bolts and slightly bend your legs to absorb the impact.

To effectively perform the trick, you should not push your board away in either direction as you jump. Instead of making a jump in one go, try to foot-plant the obstacle.

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