Flip Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

skateFlip tricks are skateboarding tricks performed by making the board rotate around its horizontal or vertical axis, or even simultaneously. Rodney Mullen invented the first flip trick, known as kickflip. These moves are typically done from an Ollie setup except pressure flips. The path to professional skateboarding starts with the basics. Begin with the basic tricks and you shall get better over time. This guide looks at the three best flip trick and how to perform them.


  1. Kick Flip

Rodney Mullen invented the kickflip, formerly known as the “magic flip” in the 1980’s. Landing a kickflip is an important milestone that you should enjoy.


– Starting in an Ollie position, have your front foot slightly towards the heel side of the board, at a 30-degree angle.

– Crouch down a little in preparation for the pop, keeping shoulders in line with the skateboard.

– Pop the board as if you are doing an Ollie

– Jump and flick the front foot towards the heel side edge of the nose. Doing this maneuver will make the board flip in a full 360-degree rotation. Suck up your legs to give the board room for rotation.

– Lower the feet and try to catch the board midair

– Bend the knees when landing to absorb the impact.

  1. Hospital Flip Trick

Hospital flip trick involves performing a half kickflip with a late shove-it. Make sure that the front foot doesn’t leave the board all the way until you shove it. You can also try the motion without your board first as all the work is done on the front foot.


– Ride in a kickflip starting position then crouch down a little.

– Pop the board and use the front foot to flip it into a half kickflip

– After you flip the board, keep the front foot underneath the board.

– Use the front foot to flip the board back and simultaneously make a shove-it rotation

– Put the back foot on again and land.

  1. 360 Flip Trick

The 360 flip is also called tre flip. It is one of the most famous tricks in skateboarding. It is a hard maneuver to learn, and thus you should be motivated not to give up.


– Start riding the board in about the same position as a varial kickflip. However, put the front foot more towards the tail.

– Crouch down a little and make a small turn in the direction of rotation

– Pop the board as you simultaneously shove it with your feet

– Slightly tap the heel side of the board with your front foot to make the board flip and rotate 360 degrees

– Catch the board when airborne then bend the knees to absorb impact as you land to ride away

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