Part 2 Skateboarding Tricks and Tips and How to Perform Them

Skateboarder girlSkateboarding is among the most popular hobbies in America and across other countries. This sport has a long winding history and has been popularized for the excellent, sensational and intricate tricks and maneuvers performed by professionals. The professional skateboarders make skateboarding seem to be quite easy, although getting to such heights can be a nightmare if a novice isn’t determined. Patience is key as it takes months and even years of practice to get these moves perfect and right. Skateboarding professionals have made the sport a pitch higher to attempt dangerous maneuvers over the roof sections. There are numerous dangerous and reckless tricks and tactics being attempted over the rooftops and roof gaps.

There are countless variations and ways skateboarding tricks can be performed. Here, we are going to discuss some of the advanced techniques used in this fabulous sport. The tricks and maneuvers we are going to discuss are;

– Lip/Stall Tricks

– Manual Balance Tricks

– Freestyle/Old-school Tricks

– Ramp/Grab Tricks



To do a lip stall trick, you roll or jump or a ramp or an obstacle and then have the skateboard in a set position. You then roll back down the Ollie or ramp to complete the trick. These tricks include;

(i) Bs Axle Stall

The Bs axle has a medium level of difficulty, and this makes it an ideal trick for putting some variation in your mini-pipe skating. To perform this maneuver, follow the steps below.

– Ride the board in a position you are comfortable in, towards the ramp, in a fast manner, to clear the coping.

– When you are near the coping, push down your tail a little bit to lift your nose over the coping. Immediately, make use of your arms to swing 90 degrees backside.

– Lock both your trucks on the coping then lean backward to enable you “stand” on the coping. For beginners, you might feel a little bit nervous. You just need to tap the coping with both trucks and work your way up.

– Lean forward then push your front foot down, to have the ramp roll back.

To perform this trick, note that speed is essential as you need to go fast to clear the coping.

(ii) Easy Nosestall

This is a Nosestall trick for skateboarding beginners who can’t Ollie yet. To perform this trick, follow the following steps.

– Ride slowly towards a curb or box. Your back foot should be firmly placed on the tail while your front foot should be on the nose of the board.

– As you near the box, lift up the front foot then push the tail down.

– When the nose of the board is slightly over the edge of the box, press the front foot down then lean forward.

– To get off again, you only lean back again.


These balance tricks can be done on a flatland or over a box/ledge. They are ideal for various combos. They include;

(i) Firecracker trick

The firecracker is an awesome trick for both beginners and advanced skateboarders. The level of difficulty of this trick depends on the number of stairs. Riding down the stairs makes a firecracker sound, hence the name. Steps;

– Put the front foot near the bolts and the back foot on the tails

– Ride towards the stairs. As your front foot go over the first steps, push the tail down a little bit, to lift up the board nose.

– Ride down the stairs on your back wheel

– Keep your balance until the end, as you lean forward to ride on all four wheels.

(ii) Kickflip nosemanual

Before attempting this trick, you need to be able to Ollie into nosemanual. The steps are;

– Start riding towards a box in a kickflip position

– Bend your knees and keep your shoulders in line with the board.

– Kickflip onto the box

– Look at the skateboard as it flips, so as to land on the nose

– Catch the board while on air and press your front foot down the nose

– Keep your balance and nosemanual up to the end of the box. At the end of the box, pop a small nollie to get off.



ThefFreestyle maneuvers are mostly flatland tricks with a touch of creativity. They include the following tricks;

(i) Boneless

Boneless is an old school skateboard trick that was used to perform jumps before the Ollie was invented. Performing this trick requires the following steps;

– Ride at a speed of your comfort, with your front heel hanging off the board and your back foot on the tail.

– Crotch down to grab the middle of the toe side of your board using your backhand.

– Slide your front foot off the board, then immediately use that keg to jump as high as you can, while holding the board.

– Raise your front foot to put it back on the board while midair

– Release the board and land with your legs while slightly bend.


(ii) Caveman

Caveman is a cool freestyle maneuver that allows you to drop from anything with formidable style. If done in a high place, it looks much awesome. The steps include;

– Hold the nose of the board with your front hand

– Jump down as you hold the board under your feet

– Let go off the board after it connects with your feet

– Bend the knees a bit to absorb the impact as you land.



Most of the tricks under this category are mostly done in a ramp. However, some grabs can be done in a street setup as well. They include;

(i) Bs 180 Early Grab

To perform this maneuver, follow the steps below;

– Ride at a high speed towards a quarter-pipe. As you ride up, grab the board at any position.

– At the top of the ramp, jump then pull the board up. Turn to 180 degrees in your jump

– Let go of the skateboard as you land.

(ii) Drop In

To perform this maneuver, follow the steps below;

– Start on top of the ramp and put the board down over the edge, as you let your back truck lean a bit against the coping.

– Firmly, put your back foot on the tail and keep your front foot over the front bolts.

– Stomp your front foot down so that the four wheels are touching the ramp.

– Lean into the ramp so that the board doesn’t slide from underneath you.

– Follow the curve of the ramp then simply ride down on all the four wheels

Skateboarding has evolved so much to become a significant and influential culture in today’s world. At first, it used to be a simple ride of the skateboard down the streets. It is advisable to wear clothes that will not easily get snagged on something, and shoes with big flat soles and good traction. Whatever innovative trick that you want to learn next will come all down to the mastery of the basic tricks that are used as the basis for the more advanced maneuvers.

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