Easy and Cool Skateboarding Slide Tricks

Skate RadicalIn skateboarding, slide tricks are performed by skateboarders as they slide sideways either on the decks or the wheels of a skateboard. Some of these tricks are easy while others are harder. When you first step on a skateboard and get used on how to ride it, it is the time you learn some of these cool tricks. Competitive skateboarding is typically judged on the difficulty and success of performing such tricks. We are going to look at some comfortable and cool sliding tricks that can be carried out on a skateboard.

  1. The BS Boardslide Trick

The backslide boardslide is probably the easiest slide trick. It involves sliding over a rail or curb with the middle of your board. To perform this maneuver, ensure that the object you intend to slide on is smooth enough. Wax should never be an option.


– Approach a rail at a 20-degree angle with your back facing it. Your speed should be determined by the surface and the length of the obstacle. Put your feet in an Ollie position.

– As you get close enough to the rail, Ollie 90 degrees into it and ensure that you get one truck over the rail.

– If you are quite fast, you will slide over the rail. The most important aspect here is to keep your balance.

– At the end of the rail, you need to swing your arms to turn your body back, then land.

Having a knowledge of performing the Ollie trick is an added advantage. To efficiently perform the BS boardslide trick, Ollie high enough to clear the rail. Do not get a lot higher than the rail, as doing so might break your board.

  1. BS Darkslide Trick

A darkslide is similar to a boardslide only that you slide on the grip tape of a board. This makes the trick more difficult than backslide.


– Ride towards a box in the kickflip position

– As you approach the box, pop the board

– Use the front foot to flip the board in a half kickflip as you simultaneously shove the board 90 degrees.

– Make a 90-degree jump and land on the upside-down board, with the front foot on the nose and the back foot on the tail.

– Slide as far as your speed can allow. You can equally lean forward to slide faster.

– Landing is the hardest part of this trick. The easiest method is to land in fakie.

To efficiently perform this trick, observe that the sides of your grip tape can get destroyed by doing backslides. Darkslides can be done on rails although it is easier to do on a box.

  1. BS Noseslide Trick

The BS Noseslide is a basic trick harder than the boardslide. Mastering this skill makes one feel quite awesome.


– Approach an obstacle at a 20-degree angle with your feet in the Ollie position. Have your back foot more towards the heel side of the tail since you need to Ollie 90 degrees.

– Pop the board with your back foot. If you put it on the side of the heel, you will automatically make a 90-degree rotation.

– Drag the front foot to level the Ollie and ensure that you drag towards the obstacle.

– Lock the board using your front foot on the nose and your front truck on the side of the barrier.

– Slide as far as you can until you slow down.

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