Easy and Cool Skateboarding Grind Tricks

skateboarding Grind tricks involve maneuvers done by a skateboarder sliding along an object using the trucks of a skateboard rather than the wheels. Grinds are a form of skateboarding moves where the skateboarder slides on the hangers of the trucks. These tricks are performed on any object that may fit the space between the wheels where the truck meets. This move originated from backyard pools, and skater gained the required skills and confidence to perform the moves on high-speed carves and around the top of walls.

This guide looks at some of the everyday grind tricks and how to play them. When learning these skills, you might want to start off with a small ledge. If you can’t find a good ledge, you can try a local skate park. Performing these tricks will mean impressing the crowd, and you shall feel quite good about yourself.

  1. BS Crooked Trick

The crooked maneuver is almost the same as a nosegrind only that the board remains at an angle; hence the name crooked. One main thing you need to learn first is the Ollie.


– Approach a rail at an angle of 30 degrees in the Ollie position. Go as fast as you can and crouch down a little bit as you prepare to Ollie.

– Pop the board using your back foot and turn the nose of the board about 20 degrees towards the rail

– Try to make a landing with your front foot on the rail by pushing your front foot down at the right moment. You may lift up your back so that the rail comes up.

– Grind the rail as far as you can keeping the board at an angle towards the rail

– At the end of the rail, you only need to turn the board back into a nosegrind, so as to ride off quickly.

  1. FS 50-50 Trick

The 50-50 is a primary grind trick where a skater slides on a curb or rail, with both trucks. If your Ollies are cool, learning the 50-50 trick is pretty easy.


– Approach a rail at 20-degree angle in an Ollie position

– When close enough, Ollie onto the rail with both trucks

– If you are fast enough, you will grind over the rail. Keep your balance to make a smooth sliding.

– As you approach the end of the rail, lift your nose a little bit and just ride off

Aim for the middle of the rail. As you get better with practice, you can make longer grinds. Waxing is a good idea, especially on curbs.

FS Smith Trick

Smith grinds are pretty difficult moves that require you to slide on your back truck, with the front truck sliding next to the rail. Round rails can be easier than square rails. You need to focus on leaning back as soon as you hit the rail.


– Approach the rail at 30-degree angle with enough speed

– Ollie towards the rail

– Press the nose of the board next to the rail. The tricky part involves leaning backward to support your back truck. Do not put any pressure on the front else you will face plant on the rail.

– Slide up to the end of the rail. Lift up the nose of the board and turn it back to ride off smoothly

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