Lip/Stall Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

skateboardIn skateboarding, Lip or Stall tricks are performed on half pipes, mini ramps and quarter pipes. These skills require different varieties of balance on the lip of a ramp. Doing these tricks involves the skater rolling or jumping on an obstacle or ramp. The board is moved in a particular direction then rolled back in an Ollie to complete the trick. Good understanding of the Ollie will make performing the stall tricks to be easy. Below is a description of the typical lip tricks and how to play them.

  1. FS Disaster Trick

The FS Disaster trick is a combination of the rock/fakie and an FS 180 Ollie. It is an excellent trick, though fairly difficult. Speed is essential as you need to be fast to clear the coping effectively. When you roll back, quickly lift up your back foot just a little bit so that your back truck does not get stuck behind the coping.


– Ride towards a ramp with enough speed and have your feet in the FS 180 Ollie position.

– Just as you approach the coping, pop the board into an 180 Ollie.

– If your speed is good enough, your back truck will land over the coping. You can now effectively balance with the middle of your board on this coping

– You have to lean forward so as to push the front foot down to roll back into the ramp.

  1. Nosestall Trick

The Nosestall is one of the easiest stall tricks to perform. The only difficulty lies in dropping back in fakie. To efficiently perform this trick, you need to start with a little ramp or mini pipe. Tail stalls look almost the same and may be an easy option for some skaters.


– Approach the ramp or barrier with your front foot on the nose of the board. You need to go fast enough as it is easier to lean over the coping later.

– Just as you approach the coping, lean forward then push down using your front foot. You should be able to stand in that position as long as you want, just tapping the board quickly.

– After you have had enough if this position, just drop in a fakie. This can be a little bit scary, but don’t panic. It is just the same as the regular drop in.

  1. FS 5-0 to Tail Trick

The FS 5-O trick combines two easy lip moves into one impressive maneuver. With this trick, you can do a 5-0 slide or a 5-0 stall. Both the front side and backside 5-0’s are possible.


– With a fast speed, approach the ramp to clear the coping. Have your feet in a comfortable position.

– As you approach the coping, turn 90 degrees then lean back on your tail and make sure you completely clear the coping. You need to understand that tapping the copping briefly is not a complete 5-0.

– From the 5-0 position, quickly slide the skateboard another 90 degrees into tail stall

– Lean forward to drop in then roll away.

This trick can be made easier if both your feet point forward – in the direction you are traveling. The idea here is to have your shoulders point forward for easy leaning.

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