Top 5 Skateboarding Movies of All Times

Welcome to HellShowcasing the latest tricks, styles, reckless maneuvers and videos outline the exciting and entertaining part of the skateboarding industry. The list of skateboarding movies reviewed in this guide depicts the awesome life of men and women, who took skateboarding from backyard streets, and wedged it into the brains of the world of sports. The now elderly lovers of skateboarding when watching these movies will heat up and revive their memories back to your youthful days. In those gone days, the only thing that mattered was their skateboard, friends and mastering the dangerous and sickest tricks among your, by then circles of skateboarders

This comprehensive review examines the top 5 skateboarding movies ever made. These films rank on top of the YouTube searches, and they are worth your time.

  1. Welcome to Hell – Toy Machine

Release Date – 1997

Toy Machine released the most groundbreaking skateboard video known as – Welcome to Hell. This movie revolutionized insane slam sections and left skaters stunned by the maneuvers that were being pulled by the featured amateurs.

About – Welcome to hell is a superb video that features top professional skaters performing reckless and impressive moves. The slam section has a couple of the best slams ever caught on video. The maneuvers being performed can straighten your hair or keep you off the handrails for a bit.

Cast – The top talent characters in this movie are Robby, a guy who can Ollie over nine boards stacked high. Then we have Thomas, who can Ollie up, over, on and through any car or motorcycle. Jamie is another talent prominent for plunking out on just about any handrail imaginable.

  1. Fulfill the Dream – Shorty’sfulfill the dream

Release Date – 1998

A real modern skate classic, this movie is laden with a definite hip-hop flavor, making it a perfect blend of technical skating and big gaps/rails. The level and style of this video took the industry by storm and forever changed it.

About – The movie features modern day legends such as Chad Muska, Steve Olson, Aaron Snyder, Peter Smoklin, and Sammy Baptista among others. It came out during the reign of Chad Muska, and it has even been dedicated to him. The editing is totally slick and incorporates tons of samples and witty works that make it cool to watch.

Cast – The movie begins with quirky and whimsical Steve Olson, who performs unbelievable moves. The award-winning Peter Smolik steps up with various flip-in-flip-out moves that will blow your mind. Not to be forgotten, Chad Muska unleash his big gap/ledge assault to leave all viewers jaw dropped.

  1. fully flaredFully Flared

Release Date – 7 December 2007

Flurry Flared makes one of the best skate videos ever. The Lakai: Fully Flared video is a non-stop skateboarding action all way through. It took about four years filming across the world to make this video. The scenes feature France, Japan, Spain, Germany and US. The video has good tricks and awesome tricks done by the whole team.

About – It all started in 1991 when a few skaters came together to start their shoe company. The six professional skaters began filming in November 2003. As time went by, the number increased from six to twenty. The soundtracks kick all kinds of ass, and the skating is phenomenal.

Cast – The movie features some of the best-known skaters in history. Some of the talented featured skaters include; Mike Capaldi, Jesus Fernandez, Guy Mariano, Cairo Foster, Alex Olson among others. Capaldi starts the hat off right, and his latest tricks are guaranteed to melt your face with its steezy goodness.

  1. Lord of Dogtownlords of dogtown

Release Date – 3 June 2005

Lord of Dogtown is another impressive film that that follows the surf and skateboarding trends that originated in Venice, California during the 1970’s.

About – The movie is a fictionalized take on the group of brilliant young skateboarders raised in the filthy streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California. These Z-Boys perfect their craft in the empty swimming pools of the unsuspecting suburban homeowners, to pioneer a thrilling new sport, and eventually move up to Legend levels.

Cast – Notable among the characters are Vincent Laresca, Nikki Reed, Victor Rasuk, Rebecca De Mornay, William Mapother, Emile Hirsch, Benjamin Nurick among others.

  1. The Search for Animal Chin

the serch for animal chinRelease Date – 1987

The search for Animal Chin is by far the best skateboarding movie of all times. The movie is directed by former Dogtown Z-Boy and co-founder of Power Perlata skateboards, a legendary guy who founded skateboarding long ago. The Bones Brigade tirelessly travels around California, Nevada, and Hawaii in search for the wise old man, Won Ton “Animal” Chin.

About – The movie follows the adventures of Tony Hawk and the Bones Brigade team as they travel with hopes of finding the elusive Won Ton Animal Chin, the first Thrasher to ever hop on board. Along their way, they tear up everything from the Chinatown streets, to launch ramps in the park, to empty hotel rooms and vert ramps in the desert.

Cast – This excellent movie features notable characters such as Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Gerrit Graham, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Mike Vallely, Ray Underhill, Tommy Guerrero among others.

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