Balance Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

Skateboarder girlHalf of the skateboarding battle is learning how to stay on the board. The first experience is getting comfortable with your board while standing on it. You need to keep the feet on the bolts to achieve the required balance. This is where you will have the ultimate control over your board. When you step on the board, shoulders should be wide apart to have the right control over the board.

The heart of skateboarding ability is the balance, which is maintained by adjusting your center to gravity. The center of gravity is spread across the width of the board’s connection to the ground. This guide looks at the skills you should have to achieve the right balance and ultimate control over your skateboard.

  1. Manual Trick

Also known as wheely, this balance trick involves the skater riding on the back wheels of the board for an extended time. The manual trick is often performed in combo with other tricks. When skating downhill, you do not have to lean much. Just maintain the right balance.


– Start pushing the board to gain the required speed. – The higher the speed, the longer the manual. The front foot should be close to the front bolts at a 30-degree angle while the back foot should be firmly placed at the tail tip.

– Slightly bend the front leg to lift the nose. Ensure that you do not stamp on the tail.

– Keep a solid balance on the back wheels as long as you can, without allowing the front wheels or the tail to come into conduct with the ground.

– Stretch or bend your legs slightly to accommodate any adjustments. Your arms can help keep the balance by swinging them a little bit

– Get back on all the wheels of the skateboard while still riding.

  1. Kickflip Nosemanual Trick

Performing this trick will require a box. To perform this trick, you should have prior knowledge on how to Ollie in nosemanual. Try being a bit fast as this will make it easier to get off at the end of the box.


– Start riding towards the box in a kickflip position

– Bend your knees and keep your shoulders in line with the board.

– Make a normal kickflip onto the box.

– Look at the skateboard as it flips so that you can land on the nose

– Catch the skateboard in the air and press your front foot down the nose

– Keep your balance and nosemanual up to the end of the box.

– Near the end of box, pop a small nollie to get off

  1. Year Right Trick

Also known as Daffy, this trick involves a one-foot manual and a one-foot nosemanual using the back foot.


– Have the front foot on the tail of the board, and use the back foot to push towards your friend’s board.

– As you approach your friends board, put the back foot towards the nose and immediately push both feet down to go in one footed manual with both boards.

– Keep your balance since you have two points of support

– In the end, just step off your friend’s board.

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