Freestyle Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

Skateboarder On a Skate RampThere are many tricks done on skateboards under freestyle skateboarding. A good number of these moves are done in a stationary position and a flat surface, with music and choreography playing an essential part of the freestyle routine. The key to unleashing phenomenal skill set is combining variety, fluidity, difficulty and creativity on these tricks. There are so many tricks and other complicated maneuvers that professional and legendary skaters have invented. Some basic freestyle tricks are described below.

  1. Bean Drop Trick

The bean drop is a move that involves dropping from something, in a better manner than the regular caveman drop. To perform this trick, try something low first. Do not start by jumping off a house. Be creative as this trick has a lot of possibilities. Try some different grabs and try to flip the board with your hand or do a 180.


– Have the tail of the board on something and put your foot on the tail

– Grab the nose of the board with use of your front hand

– Make use of the front foot to push and jump as high as you can, and as far as you can go, while holding the board.

– Get the front foot on the board before you hit the ground.

– Bend the knees to have a smooth landing.

  1. Fingerflip Tricks

The finger flip is an excellent freestyle flip that doesn’t require Ollies. This trick is quite different from other skills and depending on your creativity, you can do much more. For this trick, the shorter you can stand, the better it looks. This trick opens room for many other flips.


– Start by riding slowly with the back foot on the tip of the tail while the front foot on the back bolts

– Reach down to grab the nose of the board using your front hand, with your knees bend a little

– Lean back then push the tail down as you hold the board. Do not stand on the tail, it is just a quick tap.

– Jump up then flip the board in a heel flip position using your hand. This may look easy, but you will notice that it may not be that easy to jump while holding the board.

  1. Wallplant Trick

The wall plant is an excellent trick that can be done even by beginners. All you need is a board and a firm wall. There are many ways to grab the board. A nose grab using your front hand may seem easier for some people. You need to be creative as there are many variations possible with this trick.


– On a 45 degree angle, start by riding in a comfortable position towards the wall. The faster you go, the cooler it becomes.

– As you approach the wall, crouch down a little bit and grab the middle of the board using your backhand.

– About one meter before the wall, slide the front foot off the board and push off the ground. Try to rotate 180 degrees while you jump on the front foot.

– Push off against the wall using your back foot

– Pass the skateboard from the backhand to the front hand while holding it in a nose grab

-Let the board go before you hit the ground and land.

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