Ramp/Grab Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

JumpThese are tricks mostly done on ramps such as half pipes and quarter pipes. However, others can be done in the street environment as well. In most cases, the skateboarder grabs the nose of the board in one hand and attempts a maneuver. More advanced moves may involve the skateboarder kicking their legs back and forth across the front of the skateboard while in the same aerial and walking motion. The kind of tricks a novice learns will depend on where they are skating. If it is strictly urban street setting, the methods are primarily low to the ground. Below are the most fundamental grab/ramp tricks to get you started.

  1. BS 180 Early Grab Kick

The BS 180 early grab has been around for some time. This trick doesn’t require the Ollies, making it relatively easy to perform. First, you need to practice before the coping and keep going faster as you keep trying, up to the time you can comfortably do it over the coping. If you start at an angle and land at an angle, try to add 100 degrees more in your next jump.


– Ride at high speed towards a quarter pipe. As you ride this ramp, grab the skateboard.

– At the top of the ramp, jump then pull the board up. It may be a bit difficult while holding the board, but try to turn 180 degrees in your jump.

– Let the board go as you make the landing.

  1. Drop in Trick

This trick can be done in mini pipes and half pipes. However, the first thing you have to learn is to drop in. The first drop can be a little bit difficult.

With this trick, observe the following;

– Start on a low ramp and don’t get afraid. You can wear pads and helmet in case you feel unsafe. If you fall, you need to get up and try again.


– Starting on top of a ramp, have the board down the edge and have your back truck lean against the coping. Have the back foot firmly on the tail while the front foot should be over the front bolts.

– Stomp the front foot down to have the four wheels firmly touch the ramp. Lean into the ramp so that the skateboard doesn’t slide from underneath.

– Follow the curve of the ramp as you slightly ride down an all the wheels

– At this time, you have gained enough speed to do a trick on the other side of the ramp.

  1. Indy Trick

The name of this trick comes from “Indy Air” a trick invented by Duane Peters. It is a basic grab trick that is done on verts or even at street ramps.


– Approach the ramp in an Ollie position and make sure you have the right speed to clear the coping

– Just before the top of the top of the ramp, pop up the board using your back foot.

– Drag the front foot forward to level the board, to enable you catch the middle of the board using your backhand.

– Let the board go as you land and bend your knees to make a smooth landing.



Commonly used terms and their meanings


  1. Fakie – Means riding backwards
  1. Nose – This is the part of the skateboard that is usually in the riding direction
  1. Tail – This is the part of the skateboard that is opposite to the riding direction
  1. Pivot – Is the same as kick turn or spin. It means turning the board horizontally
  1. Tail stop – Means making a stationary stand with the tail of the skateboard in the ground.
  1. Front side – Means facing to the outside of the turn
  1. Backside – It means facing the center of the turn

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