Health Benefits Associated with Skateboarding

skaterSkateboarding is a sport, a lifestyle and a culture that has grown in leaps and bounds. People have been doing it for decades, and it is a celebrated extreme sport. As the popularity of skateboarding soars, there are increasing benefits this game brings as both recreation and exercise. When you watch someone skateboarding, you will notice that he is typically trying to hold his body rigidly in space against opposing momentum and centrifugal force.

The muscles need to be as strong as possible in a particular part of the skateboarders’ range. When you focus on specific range of motions and involving strength, you can invest your energy into developing maximum muscular strength. There are lots of benefits associated with skateboarding besides it being a form of transport, recreation, sport and a means to meet new people.

Here are a couple of benefits associated with skateboarding.

Overall Fitness

The act of skateboarding is great for burning calories and staying in a great physical shape. For every skateboarding session, hundreds of calories are burned off contributing to the overall ultimate health. While skateboarding, several muscle groups are involved. There is a lot of squatting, endurance, balance and all these contribute to the overall fitness of the player.

Stability and Flexibility

Skateboard Bowl Skatepark Handplant Layback PoolWhile skateboarding, you perform a lot of stability squatting that strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. These muscle groups help you stand on your skateboard in a crouched position for a long time. Apart from stability, there is the aspect of flexibility.

When you skate, you are moving every part of the body in all directions. You are moving your feet and legs as well, with the help of your arms for balance. These movements make you more flexible as well as increasing the stability of your core.

Physical Endurance

State during the day, skate during the night- the options are limitless. Skateboarding makes us weary and exhausted, but we continue doing the exercise as long as we want. The more you skate, the more you build endurance. When we skate, we condition the body to respond to tiredness and pain building more endurance. We develop muscles to deal with harsh and challenging physical conditions.

Stress Relief

All physical activities are considered good for relieving stress, but we have seen that skateboarding is an extra good exercise for releasing stress. Skating helps you take off your mind from things that are stressing. It brings a perception that helps us feel relieved and in control of our lives. Besides all, skateboarding is fun and brings joy in us when we successfully perform advanced and extreme stunts during the act.


Apart from exercising and having fun, we should not forget one of the primary functions of skateboarding is transportation. It is an activity and sport that is linked with an urban environment where roads and well developed. As you switch between parks, sidewalks, and streets, you are able to move from one point to another swiftly. As compared to biking, you can walk and carry your board without any hassle and use it when necessary.

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