How to Become a Pro Skateboarder

ProDoing something every time in a better manner than the previous attempt bring professionalism out of someone. Just as we can become pros on work, racing, athletics, towing, boxing, name them – we can equally become pros in skateboarding. Becoming a pro skateboarder is a dream of every person involved in this sport. It takes sheer hard work and practice to become a pro.

It is important to define and understand what it takes to be a pro in skateboarding from the beginning. Crossing the line between amateur and a professional is not easy though is not that difficult. When you are a pro, it means companies will be coming for you for sponsorships and endorsements. You must be at your best and equally disciplined. To become a pro, here are some important pointers you need to have in mind.

Be Good

To attract sponsors and deals, you need to be good at the sport. The more effort and time you dedicate on skating, the more you will feel comfortable and confident to perform stunts and tricks. To achieve mastery of a skill, it takes 10,000 hours of hardwork – and that is according to Malcolm Gladwell in his outliers book.

This estimate likely holds when it comes to skateboarding. Use your board to get around the city during your daily commutes. Try to practice an advanced stunt every time you get time and soon, you shall cross over from amateur status.

Take Good Care of Your Health

When you are in a poor health state, you will not be able to perform optimally. Injuries are common in skating and you need to practice this sport with determination to avoid potential injuries and illnesses.

Some skaters think that in order to achieve pro status, they have to risk their health and safety by performing dangerous stunts. You need to take small steps in your learning process, to keep risk factors under your control. Do not skate around traffic and during the night if you are a beginner.

Network with Pros

communityAnother great way to accelerate your skateboarding professionalism is through connecting with others, whom you share similar passion for the sport. Join local groups and attend competition. Grow some list of friends who you can turn to for group practice and learning from each other.

Get the vital experience by competing in events that can help you gauge your skill set and level. Being watched and cheered by crowd can be intimidating and encouraging at the same time and could make huge different in your learning process.

To get to the level of a pro in skateboarding means you need to put in many hours of hard work in practice, watch skateboarding stunts on videos as performed by legends and keep learning. There are lots of companies waiting to promote your products and they won’t notice you if you don’t speak up. There are no 100 percent methods and tricks to success. We are all different and all we need is to figure out what doesn’t work and stick to what works.

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