How to Pick the Best Skateboard

SkateboardWhen you visit a warehouse, there is a wide selection of skateboards and accessories you will find. That can be all well and good if you know what you want. However, if you are a beginner, decisions might not be simple to make. Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes depending on different skill levels.

We have prepared a skateboarding buyer’s guide to help you connect the dots between the kind of skater you are per experience level and the equipment that is going to make your skating and learning experience better. Those beginning skateboarding usually start with a complete setup where all components are pre-selected and assembled. As a skater, once you develop taste and preference, you will be able to define your ideal shape, size, and brand.

Once you gain the minimum experience required, you are ready to go on your own. You can build your perfect new set up at ease. Here are some vital aspects that should play in your mind while looking to acquire a skateboard.

Experience Level

Experience can be classified into three tiers beginner, intermediate, and expert. If you are a beginner, your starting point should be acquiring a board that is easy to push off with a foot and balancing atop your board as you ride. At an intermediate stage, you are comfortable on your skateboard, and at this stage, you have started to master more technical moves.

At such stage, you can take chances with different trucks or wheels and see the impact they bring per your experience level. At an expert level, you probably know a lot. You are performing stunts that can attract a crowd. When acquiring a skateboard, the best option is to customize your perfect set-up on hardware, bearing, and grip.

Rider Height and Weight

free skatersYour size and weight will form an important component in determining your purchasing decisions. Certain factors are customized to accommodate the weight you shall be putting on the board. The length, width and the shape of every board are designed and tailored to meet the needs of a particular category of the rider based on their body types.

Skating Styles

Last decision to determine your purchase of a skateboard would be the skating style. Skaters can be defined into groups based on the type of terrain they ride on. There are pool and bowl skaters (vert), there are those classified as street and technical, longboards and last are the all-around. Be sure to check the category you fall to purchase skateboards that fall under your category.

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