Best Skateboarding Brands to Shop for Accessories

skateboardingIn the skateboarding world, brands tend to come and disappear with ease. It is difficult for them to stay in the limelight for a substantial amount of time. However, the constant reshuffling of these brands allows for new brands to enter the market and make a name for themselves. Skateboarding brands deal with the manufacture and selling of skateboards, trucks, decks, wheels, apparels, shoes and related accessories.

From these leading brands, you are assured to get an accessory that meets the set levels regarding quality. Skateboarding had become a major source of inspiration for high-end fashion brands, and pro-skaters are making a kill out of endorsements. Not all skateboard and are same regarding comfort and quality. Here is the reason we have prepared this short guide for our readers, to know some of the best brands we have on the market.


The Sk8mafia company may not be the most dominant in the apparel industry when compared to other brands. However, when it comes to skateboarding apparels and related accessories, the company is a household name. It stays on top when it comes to the sale of skateboards and accessories.


krookedKrooked was founded by Mark Gonzales in 2002. Krooked is Gonzales’ brainchild and continues to showcase an amazing selection of unique art sty and illustrations through the skateboard it sells. The selection of riders and ambassadors for this company are carefully picked to push the brand to another level.

Bronze 56K

Peter Sidlauksu started the Bronze 56K in 2012. It is relatively and new brand on the market. However, its founder seems to be doing everything right in terms of marketing the brand to greater heights. It has an endless and hilarious team of new yorkers who continue to show their skateboarding skills as well as pushing their brand to the next level. Recently, they have specialized in making skateboards through their sister company, Jamaica which runs a line under its own name.


Huf is an awesome company and brand that was started as a shop founded by keith Hufnagek in the year 2002. Huf has mastered and dominated the skateboarding industry with brand products such as Classic Hi and Lo, and many clothing collaborations to dominate the market. The company added Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette to their payroll and subsequent pro shoe models and apparels were released, that pushed the brand to new visibility levels.

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