Gears and Equipment Needed for Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport that can be dangerous, especially for beginners, if they don’t use the necessary and essential safety equipment. Following skateboarding safety amounts to longer duration of the game as you won’t have to worry about injuries. This sport entails pushing a wooden board with wheels at high speed and performing tricks that can be dangerous. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro-rider or an amateur, soon or later, you will have to fall.

Safety gear comes in handy to protect you from injuries. If you decide to go skateboarding, here are some of the vital equipment you need.


You need a helmet to protect yourself from slamming against the concrete. Wear a helmet that fits well, as it helps in preventing the occurrence of concussions and other serious head injuries that could have a damaging effect on your brain. Helmets are also used for filming where you mount a small sized camera on top of the helmet. According to manufacturer’s guide, you should replace the helmets accordingly after some time.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Skateboarding Skateboarder People SkateboardKnee pads are comfortable to wear. They are highly useful in preventing severe cuts and scrapes. When a skater wears a knee pad, that can just bail and slide on them and avoid friction burns and other twists or injuries to the body. Knee pads go hand in hand with elbow pads, which are worn to protect the elbow from injuries. While performing vert ramps, elbow pads are useful in helping the knee pads to slide down and bail to prevent friction and burns on your clothes.

Wrist Guard

Wrist guards are worn to protect the wrist and keep them from twisting up during a fall or bail. They also prevent any bruises on the palm. They are useful for skaters who are likely to fall on their hands instead of knees. They can be quite useful for beginners who have not learned how to fall yet.


Skateboarding shoes can make a big difference when it comes to riding a skateboard. These shoes are designed with flat soles and have many grooves on them for additional grip. They are typically thick and well cushioned to allow for durability from rough grip tape that it keep touching.


Bushings are the most overlooked and the least understood components of a skateboard. The use of bushing can be the key difference between loving and hating your skateboard. They are used to give the skater a smooth riding experience. Ensure you make a selection from different types of bushings and feel the experience they can have. On your board.

Riser Pads

Riser pads are small pieces of rubber that are placed in between your deck and the truck base plate. This is done to raise the ride height of the board thus providing for more clearance for larger wheels. Riser pads can also be used on drop through setups for lowering the ride height even further. They are mostly made from flexible materials which also act as vibration to give you a smoother ride.

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