Skateboarding Safety Tips you Need to Observe

safety 2Skateboarding is a popular sport and activity that is enjoyed by many young people. However, this activity can be a recipe for injuries. With skateboarding, fractures are a frequent type of injury. There are cases of concussion and brain damage. Deaths occur, due to falling off, and collisions with motor vehicles.

More than half of skateboarding injuries and falls are caused by riding on irregular surfaces. Wrist injuries are the most common and result in sprain and fractures. Experienced skaters suffer injuries that result from falling, rocks and riding on irregular surfaces.

To avoid cases of accidents and injuries, here are simple safety tips and precautions we need to observe to be on the safe side.

Have Safety Gear

First, helmets are a must. Every skater should wear a helmet. The helmet should fit correctly, by sitting on top of the head in a level position. It should not rock on any side. The helmet straps should be well buckled, though not too tight. Apart from the helmet, every skateboarder should wear wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and mouth guards.

When you wear a helmet, check on the position of the eyes, ears, and mouth. When you position the helmet on the head, ensure that you can see its bottom rim. Your helmet straps are supposed to form a V shape under your ears after they are buckled. As you open your mouth wide, you should be able to feel the helmet hug tight your head, else tighten those straps.

There are boards of varying characteristics and dimensions for different types of riding. Read these boards to make a better choice according to your weight. Make use of padded jackets and shorts as well as padding for knees, hips, and elbows. Wrist braces and special skateboarding gloves come in handy to protect the palms in case of fall.

Learn how to Fall

safetyIrrespective of if you are a beginner or a pro, falling while skating is inevitable. Learning how to fall may help to reduce chances of serious injury. In case you are losing your balance, learn how to crouch down on your skateboard so that you don’t fall with much impact. When you have to fall, the idea is to land on the fleshy part of your body. When you fall, try to roll rather than observing the force with your arms. Try to relax your body rather than going stiff.

Safe use of Skateboard

You need to give your board a safety check each time before you make a ride. Always wear safety gear and never ride in the street. If you have to ride on public transport routes, observe the city laws and don’t ride on restricted traffic zones. Do not skate in crowds of non-skaters, as these people may get scared when you are speeding and move to the direction of your path. Ensure only one person rides a skateboard. Never hitch on a ride from a bicycle or car, at it can prove to be too dangerous in case you lose your balance.

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