Skateboarding Tricks and Tips and How to Perform Them

Skate RadicalA time comes when you feel comfortable enough to ride and tow your skateboard. This is the time you are ready for the first trick. Many people try to work on the same tricks as they roll their skateboards. Working on the same trick time and again for too long can ruin your skate session making you be either frustrated or get bored.

Rolling is what makes other tricks fun. Doing your tricks with speed will step up your game. You should not rush to more advanced skills until you have a solid balance towing your board. We are going to explore the best trick you should try as a skateboarder as these tricks will lead to the subsequent invention of your other tricks.


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Understanding the Different Types and Parts of a Skateboard

.SkateboarderSkateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is celebrated as an activity that promotes both individualism and perseverance. If you have never done skateboarding before, it is the time you consider visiting your local skateboard shop and purchase a complete skateboard. Probably, you might be having some questions about the parts of a skateboard itself. Rest your worries and continue reading as this guide takes you through the different types and parts of a complete skateboard.

Types of skateboards

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The Tony Hawk’s Biography and Game Series

Available Sep 2015 on Amazon. Click the picture to go to Amazon to pre-order.
Available Sep 2015 on Amazon. Click the picture to go to Amazon to pre-order.

Anthony Frank Hawk (Tony Hawk) was born on May 12, 1968, San Diego – California, USA. Tony has forgotten more tricks than the total skills learned by most skateboarders in their career. He helped skateboarding enter the mainstream towards the end of the 20th century. His most prestigious achievement was an unearthing skateboarding holy grail where he became the only person to land successfully a 900. Tony has worked in helping many people establish skateboard parks. He founded the Tony Hawk foundation that has provided many grants and technical assistance for new parks, particularly in the low income areas.

Personal Profile

As a kid, Tony was high-struck, quite intelligent and had a hyperactive combination once described by his mother as “Challenging.”

Aged nine, Tony received a skateboard from his elder brother, and this is the gift that defined his life.

He got his first sponsor, Dogtown Skateboarding at the age of 12.

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