Skateboarding Safety Tips you Need to Observe

safety 2Skateboarding is a popular sport and activity that is enjoyed by many young people. However, this activity can be a recipe for injuries. With skateboarding, fractures are a frequent type of injury. There are cases of concussion and brain damage. Deaths occur, due to falling off, and collisions with motor vehicles.

More than half of skateboarding injuries and falls are caused by riding on irregular surfaces. Wrist injuries are the most common and result in sprain and fractures. Experienced skaters suffer injuries that result from falling, rocks and riding on irregular surfaces. Read More

Gears and Equipment Needed for Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport that can be dangerous, especially for beginners, if they don’t use the necessary and essential safety equipment. Following skateboarding safety amounts to longer duration of the game as you won’t have to worry about injuries. This sport entails pushing a wooden board with wheels at high speed and performing tricks that can be dangerous. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro-rider or an amateur, soon or later, you will have to fall.

Safety gear comes in handy to protect you from injuries. If you decide to go skateboarding, here are some of the vital equipment you need.


You need a helmet to protect yourself from slamming against the concrete. Wear a helmet that fits well, as it helps in preventing the occurrence of concussions and other serious head injuries that could have a damaging effect on your brain. Helmets are also used for filming where you mount a small sized camera on top of the helmet. According to manufacturer’s guide, you should replace the helmets accordingly after some time.

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Steps Every Beginner Needs to Master in Skateboarding

board1Now that you have bought or leased a skateboard, next you might be wondering what to do with it. You might have seen skaters at a state park or on TV, and you know how skating should be done. However, you lack the experience to take the board for a ride on your own. What do you do next?

Step 1: Have the Right Gear

Well, the first thing you need is to get all skateboarding gear and accessories. You need to get some good skateboarding shoes. Skate shoes are specially built with a large flat bottom to provide a better grip on the board. They also come with reinforcements in areas where you are likely to wear the shoe down. Such shoes offer you an excellent experience, awesome experiences like the one you could get by booking King George VIP Limo.

You might have seen skaters wearing a helmet and thought they look weak, inexperienced and weird. Such may be true, but the truth is, as a beginner it is highly recommended to get a helmet.

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Best Skateboarding Brands to Shop for Accessories

skateboardingIn the skateboarding world, brands tend to come and disappear with ease. It is difficult for them to stay in the limelight for a substantial amount of time. However, the constant reshuffling of these brands allows for new brands to enter the market and make a name for themselves. Skateboarding brands deal with the manufacture and selling of skateboards, trucks, decks, wheels, apparels, shoes and related accessories. Read More

How to Pick the Best Skateboard

SkateboardWhen you visit a warehouse, there is a wide selection of skateboards and accessories you will find. That can be all well and good if you know what you want. However, if you are a beginner, decisions might not be simple to make. Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes depending on different skill levels.

We have prepared a skateboarding buyer’s guide to help you connect the dots between the kind of skater you are per experience level and the equipment that is going to make your skating and learning experience better. Those beginning skateboarding usually start with a complete setup where all components are pre-selected and assembled. As a skater, once you develop taste and preference, you will be able to define your ideal shape, size, and brand. Read More

How to Become a Pro Skateboarder

ProDoing something every time in a better manner than the previous attempt bring professionalism out of someone. Just as we can become pros on work, racing, athletics, towing, boxing, name them – we can equally become pros in skateboarding. Becoming a pro skateboarder is a dream of every person involved in this sport. It takes sheer hard work and practice to become a pro.

It is important to define and understand what it takes to be a pro in skateboarding from the beginning. Crossing the line between amateur and a professional is not easy though is not that difficult. When you are a pro, it means companies will be coming for you for sponsorships and endorsements. You must be at your best and equally disciplined. To become a pro, here are some important pointers you need to have in mind. Read More

Health Benefits Associated with Skateboarding

skaterSkateboarding is a sport, a lifestyle and a culture that has grown in leaps and bounds. People have been doing it for decades, and it is a celebrated extreme sport. As the popularity of skateboarding soars, there are increasing benefits this game brings as both recreation and exercise. When you watch someone skateboarding, you will notice that he is typically trying to hold his body rigidly in space against opposing momentum and centrifugal force.

The muscles need to be as strong as possible in a particular part of the skateboarders’ range. When you focus on specific range of motions and involving strength, you can invest your energy into developing maximum muscular strength. There are lots of benefits associated with skateboarding besides it being a form of transport, recreation, sport and a means to meet new people. Read More

Ramp/Grab Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

JumpThese are tricks mostly done on ramps such as half pipes and quarter pipes. However, others can be done in the street environment as well. In most cases, the skateboarder grabs the nose of the board in one hand and attempts a maneuver. More advanced moves may involve the skateboarder kicking their legs back and forth across the front of the skateboard while in the same aerial and walking motion. The kind of tricks a novice learns will depend on where they are skating. If it is strictly urban street setting, the methods are primarily low to the ground. Below are the most fundamental grab/ramp tricks to get you started.

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Freestyle Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

Skateboarder On a Skate RampThere are many tricks done on skateboards under freestyle skateboarding. A good number of these moves are done in a stationary position and a flat surface, with music and choreography playing an essential part of the freestyle routine. The key to unleashing phenomenal skill set is combining variety, fluidity, difficulty and creativity on these tricks. There are so many tricks and other complicated maneuvers that professional and legendary skaters have invented. Some basic freestyle tricks are described below.

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Balance Skateboarding Tricks and How to Perform Them

Skateboarder girlHalf of the skateboarding battle is learning how to stay on the board. The first experience is getting comfortable with your board while standing on it. You need to keep the feet on the bolts to achieve the required balance. This is where you will have the ultimate control over your board. When you step on the board, shoulders should be wide apart to have the right control over the board.

The heart of skateboarding ability is the balance, which is maintained by adjusting your center to gravity. The center of gravity is spread across the width of the board’s connection to the ground. This guide looks at the skills you should have to achieve the right balance and ultimate control over your skateboard.

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