How to Be Fit Like an Athlete

athleteDid you know you can boost your workouts by fueling your body the way professional athletes do? Training solely for aesthetics purposes can lead to injury, lack of motivation and imbalances. You need to give yourself the best chances of improving your health and fitness levels by setting a lot of focus on your training goals. Being fit and healthy is great; it can boost your confidence levels and overcome insecurity issues associated with being fat and overweight.

I always take time of my busy schedule at Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning, and you too should. If you want to achieve high levels of fitness, you have to stop training like a bodybuilder and train like an athlete. Here is how to go about it;


Increase your strength

To train like an athlete, you need to gain strength. You need to challenge yourself to your limits by lifting appropriate weights. Ensure that the last rep is hard to perform, such that it pushes you to your limits. Studies have shown that heavy resistance training burns more calories than lifting just two sets of 20 reps of a lighter load. You should not worry about bulking up, as long as you maintain your diet and eat the right amounts of calories


Develop power and agility

One sure way of developing power and agility is by switching your training program to include HIIT.  HIIT will add more power and agility to help in making your everyday functional movements easy. Include exercises such as depth jumps, back squats, jump squats, and deadlifts which can help in increasing your bone mass density, more than what traditional athletes achieve with running and jogging.


Hydrate the Right Way

Most people sweat a lot during exercise. The amount of sweat that occur depend with the intensity of workout, the athlete’s genes and the environment. You need to drink enough fluids before, during and after every exercise as this will keep becoming dehydrated. The best way to determine the hydration needs for an athlete is to monitor body weight changes before and after exercises. You need to weigh before and after your workouts.

Maintain a healthy diet

You need to maintain a healthy overall diet. You need to have a working nutritional program in place. Focus on what you eat and drink before and after a workout program. Diet is one of the things that plays a big role to the health, weight and physique of an athlete. You can work alongside a dietician to craft a diet program that works for you.